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  • Small Business Advisory Council   


    Welcome to the Small Business Advisory Council!

    It’s been in the works for months, but the Pickerington Area Chamber is ready to launch this brand-new benefit for the business community!

    This new council, which is comprised of Chamber members in several industries, including insurance, accounting, marketing, law, banking, and more, is ready to help ANY business be successful.  Whether you have a great idea and you’re not sure where to start, or you have an existing business that has run into some issues, this group will be a resource to share insights on common mistakes and provide you with the connections to help you be successful! 

    We are building a resource toolkit for YOU, which will provide tips on what businesses need to know, opportunities to seek out additional information, and a news section to keep you up to date on relevant articles for businesses and entrepreneurs. The best part….this is open to ALL businesses in the Pickerington business community, regardless of your membership status with the Chamber AND it’s FREE!*  We truly want to help YOU be successful! (*If services need retained, an agreement will need to be made amongst the two parties).

    For years, Chambers of Commerce have struggled with sharing the true value of a Chamber membership, but in all actuality, it has been in front of our noses the entire time.  The true value and benefit of your membership is the opportunity to connect to those who can help you be successful!  That’s right, it’s all about building relationships, but connecting to the right people to truly help you grow.  If you need something…your Chamber can get you connected! 

    As a community, we share the same hopes to build a prosperous place to live and to work.  Your Chamber and this new Council are here to see that through!

  • What services/advice are available?   

    • Marketing advice
    • Insurance advice
      • Protection of Assets
      • Liability coverage from renting or owning a location
      • Employee practices liability
      • Cyber liability
      • Certificates of Insurance
    • Legal & HR advice
      • Employee handbook
      • Written policies & procedures
      • Which records to keep (and how long)
      • Employee classification
    • Entrepreneur - Start-ups
      • Store front vs. working from home office
      • Zoning/Building Permits/Sign Permits (and more)
      • Business plan
    • Banking/Lending Advice
      • Forming your company, establishing with Secretary of State, getting your EIN
      • Establishing the proper type of banking accounts 
      • Managing your receivables and payables
      • Risk mitigation for your business
      • How to extend your cash flow
      • Management of your cash flow cycles
    • Real Estate
      Commercial Leasing or Sales - Office, Retail, Industrial
      Residential leasing or Sales - Employee relocation
      Neighborhood Information - Comparable Sales, Local events and Activities, New Listings coming on-line
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