• The Board of Directors is the Pickerington Area Chamber's governing body. The Board offers direction and leadership on the Chamber's advocacy and mission and ensures the Chamber's member needs are met. Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership of the Pickerington area. 

    The Board of Directors: 

    • Sets the overall policy of the Pickerington Area Chamber
    • Determines the goals of the Pickerington Area Chamber 
    • Provides adequate funds to do the job through the annual budget
    • Establishes the dues structure
    • Provides for elections of directors and officers in accordance with the by-laws
    • Recommends changes in the by-laws
    • Approves in advance all expenditures not included in the budget
    • Fills all vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors in accordance with the by-laws
    • Meets as required in the by-laws, or more frequently on the call of the president, or on the board's own motion, and set the dates for such meetings

    ‚ÄčOur Board members are elected by our membership to serve a term of three years. The Board meets once a month to review policy for the Chamber staff and membership.  Board members are expected to attend Chamber events and to donate in-kind time to support the Chamber's operations.

  • 2024 Board Nominations 2024 Board Nominations

    The current PACC Board of Directors would like to announce the Board nominees for a three-year term beginning in January 2024 (see below). The right of petition for nomination is open to qualified members of the Pickerington Area Chamber. The nominating petition must be filed with the Board of Directors within 10 days of this notice (noon October 9). The nomination form must bear the genuine signatures of at least 15 qualified Members of the Chamber (a person registered as a representative of a Member organization or an individual member). If no petition is filed within the 10-day period, the nominations shall be closed and the nominated slate of directors will be presented to the membership at the October Membership luncheon.

    In the September 14, 2023, meeting, the Board of Directors made a motion to eliminate the requirement that the slate of candidates must have one more nominee than positions available. It passed unanimously. Therefore, with no additional candidates, this would be an uncontested election and the board will approve the slate by acclimation at the October BOD meeting. The Executive Board is elected at the November BOD meeting.

    At the October 20 Quarterly Membership Luncheon [register here], the nominees will provide a quick synopsis as to what they bring to the Board of Directors.


    Brenda Alexander, Redbud Commons (currently serving as appointee)

    Andy Hardy, OhioHealth (currently serving as Past-Chair)

    Tracy McAdams, Dwayne R. Spence Funeral Home

    Chris Swindells, Christine Swindells CPA, LLC (currently serving as appointee)

    Returning BOD:

    Jeff Metzger (currently Chair; will serve as Past-Chair)

    Janis Francis (currently Vice-Chair)

    Tony Howard

    Dan Nase

    Phil Reese

    Lillie Williams

    Thank you for supporting the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce as we continue to grow and strengthen our Chamber and service to you…our members!

    Click here for nomination form.