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  • Welcome to the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce is a member organization uniting business entrepreneurs, professionals, government, and the community.  The PACC provides a vital link to support local businesses through advocacy, networking, education, marketing, and leadership opportunities. Join today. 
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  • Member of the Week: Tobin & Associates 

    Pictured: Chris Tobin, COO

    How long has Tobin & Associates done business in the Pickerington area?

    Who is Tobin? We are a group of people wildly passionate about providing resources for executive leaders in the long-term care niche of healthcare. These resources include recruiting, various types of training, and consulting. Tobin was founded in 1988 and we continue to be an industry leader impacting the nation, as well as our immediate community.

    Provide us with a brief summary of your services.

    In the beginning, Tobin was simply a corporate recruiting firm based in Ohio with a statewide reach. Today, our footprint covers the nation. The key achievements that have greatly enhanced our growth and expansion opportunities are The Nurse Leadership Project (NLP) and Rhythm of the Day dementia programs.

    Tell us about your business's mission and values. 

    In 2017, Tobin was awarded the Civil Monetary Penalty Grant by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to train Nurse Managers on leadership techniques and philosophies that would directly and tangibly impact the facilities in which they work. The goal of the NLP is to improve the long-term care industry by directly lowering facility turnover and improving resident care outcomes.

    Our Rhythm of the Day program is designed to foster better outcomes for people suffering from dementia. We have partnered with the Center of Applied Research in Dementia and a French organization, AD & G, to be the first to implement a Montessori-based dementia tool in the US. 

    What are the Pickerington Chamber services you use or look forward to using the most?

    We are very happy to be part of the PACC. We appreciate the ability to readily connect with other area businesses and leaders to network and share best practices. Additionally we enjoy the luncheon guest speakers. The material is very engaging and relevant.

    What makes Pickerington such a great place to do business?

    Pickerington is a community with many different types of businesses. There seems to be a business that can meet any need. Because of this, Pickerington is a resource not only for its residents, but also for the surrounding areas. The community is also tightly woven. As a business, this allows us to engage the community in impactful and charitable ways. These aspects, among others, make Pickerington a great place to do business.

  • Events Calendar & Featured Events

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  • March Luncheon

  • State of the Community
  • 2018 Annual Awards Celebration

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      2018 Non-Profit of the Year: Pickerington Food Pantry
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      2018 Business Diversity Award Recipient: Person Centered Services
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      2018 Rising Star: Hangry City Grille and Spirits
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      2018 Business of the Year: Buji ActionCOACH