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  • Welcome to the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce is a member organization uniting business entrepreneurs, professionals, government, and the community.  The PACC provides a vital link to support local businesses through advocacy, networking, education, marketing, and leadership opportunities. Join today. 
    Check out the PACC's upcoming events page here.
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  • Left to right - Jessica Sosa, Dr. Dennis Schone, Dr. John Rockwood, MIssy Tschudy

    How long have you done business in the Pickerington area?

    HealthFirst Chiropractic has been serving the Pickerington area for 38 years.

    Provide us with a brief summary of your services.

    HealthFirst Chiropractic is a complete wellness institute dedicated to helping people achieve good health for years to come through our Health Healing System: Relief, Restoration, Revitalization, and Praktikos. We offer chiropractic care and adjustments, spinal decompression, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and more. We help people heal from auto accidents, sports injuries, and work injuries, and offer pediatric and pregnancy care. 

    Tell us about your business mission and values.

    Our mission is to improve the quality of a person's health in order to improve the quality of that person's life. 

    What are the Pickerington Chamber services you use or look forward to using the most?

    We enjoy the relationships we have built through our 30 plus years as members of the Pickerington Area Chamber.

    What makes the Pickerington area a great place to do business?

    The school system and the people.  People share common goals with regard to our children. Pickerington people, both within and outside of the business community, do a good job of supporting the schools and the community as a whole. 

  • Events Calendar & Featured Events

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  • October Luncheon

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  • 2018 Pizza Wars