• Start, Run and Grow a Thriving Business in 3 Days

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    It sounds almost magical: the chance to become a solopreneur...building your own dream business, unfettered by supervisors or the baggage of underlings, carving your personal destiny with your own two hands and forging a path that you and only you can lay claim to.... 


    If that sounds tantalizing, consider investing 3 days towards making that magic happen. Here’s how:



    Begin at the beginning with a handful of business necessities. 

    • Come up with an idea for your venture. Consider timely options, like opening an ecommerce store, a subscription box service or dropshipping.

    • Test your concept to minimize financial risk: talk things through with family and friends, check out the competition, and have conversations with potential customers.

    • Write your business plan. Incorporate information you gleaned from testing your idea, financial forecasting and marketing plans.

    • Choose your business structure and register with your state. Mull over your options and the various benefits they offer; for instance, an Ohio LLC can protect you from lawsuits or bankruptcy, while a sole proprietorship cannot.

    • If you need more seed money, think about how you can get it. Your business plan could come in handy here — it’s a resource to share with lenders or investors, or if you decide to apply for a grant it could be useful. 


    Get things up and running so you can earn your very first sale.

    • Set up a great space for you to work. Being able to settle down and focus on your business will be a boon to productivity so you can really make the magic happen. 

    • Create a website so customers can find you online, because studies show that’s where people are shopping.

    • Connect with your chamber of commerce — it’s loaded with opportunities to learn, network and promote your business.

    • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you know personally. Those close to you are apt to want to support your efforts.



    Establish practices that will set your business up for growth.

    • Look for broader opportunities for marketing your business. Social media, for instance, is inexpensive (often free), is quick and easy to use, allows you to interact with customers and can thereby help you stay aligned with your target market.  

    • Expand on your website offerings. Add a blog, create some podcasts, have a contest or offer free download material. The more value you can give your customers, the more inclined they will be to keep coming back. 

    • Consider adding a mobile app; it’ll funnel users directly to you and you can fine-tune your engagement that much more. 

    • Add some tools to your software toolkit that lighten your workload. Scheduling software, social media marketing apps, business-oriented templates, virtual meeting apps and customer analytics are just a few suggestions. 


    You don’t need to wait for the moon and stars to align for the magic of your own solo venture. Set aside 3 days to reframe your future! But don’t go it alone — let ZenBusiness be your helpmeet. ZenBusiness has already assisted over 100,000 businesses start, run and grow. They offer an all-encompassing platform for your solopreneurial needs, from forming your company to creating your website to help with accounting and marketing tactics. Visit zenbusiness.com or our membership page to learn more about how they can help you start, run and grow your business in just 3 days.