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  • Women's Leadership Coalition

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  • Women’s Leadership Coalition (WLC) is a networking and professional development program established by the Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce.

    The purpose of the WLC is to provide a welcoming environment for women executives to cultivate relationships and build their networks.

    We would like to personally invite you to join this energizing group!

    WLC Members are Pickerington Area Chamber members whose unique abilities empower those whom they touch. They are dynamic women who together develop practical solutions based on innovative ideas woven with life experiences.


    • Educate
    • Mentor
    • Advocate
    • Build Relationships
    • Encourage
    • Inspire
    • Support
    • ​Enhance Self-Knowledge

      As part of the Women's Leadership Coalition, each year we celebrate "A Day of ATHENA", where a leadership workshop is held and the ATHENA Awards are presented in the categories of Youth ATHENA, Emerging ATHENA, and the ATHENA Leadership Award.  Over the years, we have had many dynamic women receive this Award and we are thrilled to share the list with you!

      Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce ATHENA award recipients

      1998      Helen L. Mayle

      1999       Joyce Bushman

      2000      Charlotte Akers

      2001       Barbara Freeman

      2002       Marian Reitano

      2003       Debbie Marullo

      2004       Dr. Leigh Atkinson

      2010       Dr. Karen Mantia

      2011      Jodi Wilson

      2012      Dr. Candice Thomas-Maddox

      2013      Suellen Goldsberry

      2014      Rita Ricketts

      2015       Margaret “Peg” Tobin

      2016       Kristy Good-Bath

      Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce Emerging ATHENA

      2013       Jayme Gates

      2014      Jen Dear

      2015       Maria Manzo

      2016       Dr. Afshan Sultan

      Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce Youth ATHENA

      2013       Emily James

      2014      Shayna Fowler

      2015       Shaili Kothari

      2016       Emma Newell


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