• Leasing Consultant

    Redbud Commons
    Job Description
    Leasing Consultant

    You are the first impression of our community and the expert that will provide all of the knowledge and comforts that our community has to offer.  As a leasing agent you will have the most exposure to new prospects, current residents and their guests.  Your high level of customer service will help to set us apart from all other communities. Your expected hours of operations will vary dependent on the property.  You should plan to work weekends in addition to weekdays.  Monday through Friday your hours will be at a minimum of 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturdays 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and Sundays 11:00AM to 5:00PM.
    Job Responsibilities:
    • Prospect follow up daily during morning routine from 9-11am​
      • Call each lead four times. On the 4th time, if no response, cancel the guest out.
    • Work order follow up daily (This must be done each day before we leave)
    • Filing of any resident documents or attaching to resident’s files daily in Yardi/File
    • Voicemails 4x a day and daily and logged in the Voicemail Log
    • Weekly email to PM discussing what happened over the weekend. Follow up to assigned task
      • How many tours, applications, traffic feedback, residential complaints or compliments, grounds condition, Ils update
    • Renewal Communications and lease preparation
    • Morning Routine: Follow-up, model rise and shine, tour path, etc.
    • Craigslist posting 4x a day in addition to other web site marketing daily.
    • Applications and gathering all necessary information needed to properly approve the application timely. (Should not exceed 48 hours)
    • Prepping your lease files​
      • Making sure the correct information is relayed to resident
      • Paperwork is printed and file is prepared for signing
      • Submit to PM for approval and signature
      • Walking the apartment to ensure that it is ready
    • Check your personal timecard daily.
    • Notice delivery
    • Alternate tours with the other leasing agent
    • Alternate calls same as tours.
    • Phones should be answered on the 1st and 2nd ring.
    While this is a starting point of your job responsibilities, given the nature of our business, the ability to adjust and change as needed to the climate of the property and needs of your team is important.  Additional responsibilities may be asked or assigned to you as required.

     Send cover letter and resume to cnoria@trepluscommunities.com.
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