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    Offer Valid: 06/27/2019 - 01/01/2020
    Mediation Is an Option!

    Mediation as an Option for Creating a Repayment Plan

    Have you ever warily loaned money to a friend or family member not knowing if you will ever see it again? People loan money to friends and family all of the time. In most cases, that friend or family member is pretty good about paying back the debt they owe, however, it is not uncommon for someone to borrow money and then not pay it back.

    Have you ever had a customer not pay you for your goods or services when the invoice came due? Your options for trying to get that invoice paid are to try and collect that debt on your own, hire an attorney to represent you or the less expensive option of mediating a repayment plan.

    Maybe you have found yourself in one of these situations; repeatedly asking that customer, friend or family member to pay back the money they owe and they either stop answering your calls and texts or have a million excuses as to why now is not a good time. This is when hiring a conflict resolution professional is not only the best way to get your money back, but also the best way to repair a strained relationship.

    Let us help you recover your financial losses by providing a neutral place to have an open and honest conversation that allows for a practical money repayment solution.
    Don’t let money come in between you and the people you love. Call us today to see how we can help you collect on, or repay, your loan.

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